Most Table Tennis Ball Bounces In 30 Seconds


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Blakeview, South Australia, Australia / June 6, 2010

Peter Craig bounced a table tennis ball over 194 times on a table tennis paddle in 30 seconds. From submitted video evidence, the audible bounce is the most reliable indication of bounce count of which up to 243 audible bounces were counted and 194 was the lowest verified count.


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  • Australia Peter Craig

    I'm telling you... the criteria on this one needs to be really strict, I've done it too fast to count even at quarter speed, impossible for urdb to quantify so will try and put the bounce numbers on the screen and timecode, on extreme slow motion you can see and hear it bouncing... it's up past 230... :) I'll post a video soon and it's up to urdb to decide...

  • Australia Peter Craig

    A few questions on the criteria for this record - The record isn't "consecutive bounces" so if the ball drops or holds still, does the record still stand when the ball continues? - What if the ball rolls, does the record still hold and does that hit count as a bounce? - Can another surface be touched, ie bouncing against a wall or other surface could increase the total.

  • United States Corey Henderson

    Moderator note: I counted using the Myspeed plugin at .3X speed and used the audible bounce sounds as my guide.

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