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Fastest Time For A Duo To Hit Four Words Taped To The Corners Of A Hockey Net

The Internet

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Grand-Falls, New Brunswick, Canada / February 8, 2012

Brandon Adams and his partner hit four words taped to the corners of a hockey net in 9.79 seconds.

- must tape four words (written on pieces of paper) to each of the four corners of a hockey net
- must use tennis balls or hockey balls
- must use a standard hockey stick to hit balls into words
- attempt must be performed by two people
- projectile must connect with paper both visibly and audibly
- must provide video evidence


Tags: fastestshootingwordhockeytappingduocornerhockey net

  • The Internet Brandon Adams

    Look closely, the targets are hit as follows: bottom left, then top left and bottom right (same time) and the top right at the end (camera looks away but you can see the paper go down)

  • Philippines MaAnn P.

    This video lacks sufficient evidence that all four words were hit. Status is denied until proven otherwise.

  • Philippines Nikki Cuaton

    Brandon Adams, nice attempt but I can only see 2 pieces of paper hit in the video...

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