Most Consecutive Tree Root Pull-Ups

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Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States / April 10, 2013

Josh L. completed 10 consecutive pull-ups hanging from the root of a tree.

- may not receive assistance during the attempt
- may use any type of tree
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Logan

    How do I find a tree root to do pullups on there always stuck in the ground

  • United States Ella Morton

    I'd be scared to lower myself into that chasm for fear of what might be lurking within. Kudos.

    • The Internet Josh Law

      hahaha! The only thing that keeps me hanging is the fear of falling into the unknown... ;)

  • United States TheSkaterG

    How are you suppose to beat that, were can i find a tree root to do pull ups on! Roots are usually stuck in the ground!

    • The Internet Josh Law

      try to find a creek that gets a ton of water when it rains, those usually have some good spots carved out from time.

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