Longest Plank On Thumbs On Raw Eggs


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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada / September 23, 2011

Darryl Learie performed a plank exercise on raw eggs using only his thumbs. He remained balanced in position for .124 seconds without breaking the eggs.

- must use only thumbs during the plank exercise; no other fingers may touch the eggs or the floor
- must use only raw eggs
- eggs must remain intact; attempt ends if eggs are broken
- must provide video evidence


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  • Philippines Nikki Cuaton

    just be careful Darryl you might injure you thumb...We still want to see you here at RecordSetter making and breaking great records like this.. keep it uP Darryl!...you Rock! :)

  • Canada Darryl Learie

    Thanks Nikki, I deeply appreciate the comment - yeah, I am definitively dedicated to breaking this one for sure - I know I can't today (hurt my left thumb too much) but I know where I went wrong - and I know I need to further strengthen that left thumb of mine. ;)

  • Philippines Nikki Cuaton

    Nice one Darryl, I love this record, though I'm looking forward for a longer attempt!...how about having another try breaking this one this week? ahaha!(pretty much excited huh). Well I'm sure in no time you'll be able to break it,..(oh yeah!) :)

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