Most Pixar T-Shirts Worn At Once

United States Pixar Post


Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States / March 24, 2014

T.J. of Pixar Post wore 29 Pixar-themed t-shirts at once.

- each shirt must be commercially available
- shirts may not be modified, cut or torn
- each shirt must have Pixar imagery
- arms must be through sleeves and head must be through collars of all shirts
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Molly Welsh

    Molly Welsh

    What a fun record! I love the Partysaurus t-shirt!

    • United States Pixar Post

      Pixar Post

      Thanks a million, Molly! We were/are kind of in love with Partysaurus Rex! We did a bunch of really cool (and crazy) things with a custom Partysaurus Rex toy that we made - check it out on our site (just head to our homepage and there will be a tag for Partysaurus on the right-hand column)! :) "What up Fishes?!"

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