Most People Drinking Out Of A Pineapple Through Straws

South Africa REVOLVE @Linkway


Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa / August 12, 2011

During World Domination event, 30 members of REVOLVE @Linkway drank out of a pineapple at the same time. They used straws that were three, five and eight feet in length.


- all participants must drink juice from the pineapple through straws
- all participants must drink at the same time
- each participant must use their own straw
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Christian Donnell

    Christian Donnell


  • United States Scott Carr

    Scott Carr

    You beat a bunch of 10 year old girls who will take revenge going to 30.

  • I was one at andrea carr's 11th b-day

  • United States Andrea Carr

    Andrea Carr

    My daughter will attempt to break this record this weekend. She is 11 and has an idea. We will video tape it and submit it for review.

  • United States Jason Eppink

    Jason Eppink

    The intent of the original record was that everyone would be pulling pineapple juice into their mouths, but to be fair, on our end we have no way of verifying for you that everyone in our group was indeed tasting liquid pineapple. That said, whether everyone did taste it or not, with our set up it was physically POSSIBLE for all of us to taste pineapple. I doubt the efficacy of GMA's set up, however: the combined volume and distance of the straws would have required extraordinary suction power, and I'm not even sure enough pineapple juice exists in a pineapple to fill that many straws. I think efficacy is important here, and combined with the on-air admittance, I would move to deny the request. In retrospect, we should have provided visual evidence of pineapple juice flowing into every drinker's mouth, to set the standard, but I think accepting the GMA attempt would dilute the original intent of the record. What is the system by which a record is denied, Dan?

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    At the end of the segment, one of the drinkers clearly admits he didn't get any juice. Others make faces that suggest they didn't get juice, either. Does anyone really think 10 people drank from this pineapple? I certainly don't, and consequently vote to deny it. (That said, great segment! Thanks for featuring us, Good Morning America!)

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