Most People On A Playground Swing At Once

United States


Saco, Maine, United States / June 1, 2014

Kristin and seven of her friends all sat on a playground swing at the same time.

- only one participant's feet may touch ground


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  • United States Jenn Wark

    You're featured on our Facebook & Twitter today! Congrats!

  • The Internet gabby donahue

    yesss! I videoed that! congrats on the world record Kristin, madi, kelli, sam, emma, Brendan, zack and joe! -gabby

  • United States Corey Henderson

    Can anyone tell us what the max weight specification on a swing like this might be? I'd hate for the next group to attempt this have to deal with a broken swing. Safety first people!

  • United States Emily Patricia

    I want to break this. Someone find me a park with swings!

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