Most Pencils Sharpened With Pencil Sharpener In One Minute

United States

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New York City, New York, United States / November 24, 2008

Emily Wilson[] sharpened five completely unsharpened pencils in one minute, a new world record. To confirm that the pencils were sufficiently sharp, Wilson successfully popped balloons with each one when the minute was complete.

The feat was achieved on November 24, 2008 at the World Record Appreciation Society’s first-ever event. It took place at Asia Roma[], a karaoke bar in New York City. Event organizers Corey Henderson and Dan Rollman were on hand to witness and document the achievement.

  • must use standard, hexagonal #2 pencils
  • pencils must be fully unsharpened at beginning of attempt
  • must use a manual sharpener to sharpen pencils (electric and battery-powered sharpeners not permitted)
  • must pop a balloon with each pencil to prove sharpness


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  • see towers do crumble in one spot when hit with an object!

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