Longest Paper Football Field Goal

United States


Waco, Texas, United States / October 16, 2012

Kelley P. hit a paper football field goal from 35 feet (420 inches) away.

- participant must flick football with finger
- paper football must be in classic triangle shape
- football must be made from half a sheet of 8.5" x 11" piece of paper
- tape measure must be laid out on floor
- field goal must be at same level as kicker
- must kicked football through posts made by holding thumb and forefinger of hands at 90-degree angle and touching thumbs or forefingers together to resemble goal posts
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video video evidence


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  • United States Brooke Brooke

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  • United States Mark Ultra

    Wow, that's really cool. Even though paper football can't be as entertaining as real one, I think it's still fun.

  • The Internet oldbear 57

    never happened,,,,,,,,,,SHOW US THE WHOLE VID,,,,,,,,,???????

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Super awesome! With wind being a factor, too!

  • The Internet Theresa Kay

    Great job baby!! Love you!

  • The Internet Theresa Kay

    Kelley you are so awesome!!!

  • United States Alex Cunningham

    Holy crap, this is amazing.

  • The Internet Ryan Capehart

    I used a full piece of paper for that one. Im going to take a video using a piece cut in half soon

  • United States Kelley Parker

    Congratulations, Ryan! I will be filming my next record breaking attempt today.

  • The Internet Ryan Capehart


  • The Internet Ryan Capehart

    I made one from 30 today on my second try

  • The Internet Ryan Mac

    Does the football need to be 2.125 inches tall (paper cut in half, then folded in half)? Or can it be folded more times than that? With a smaller football, it is pretty easy to get over 20 feet.

    • United States Kelley Parker

      According to Guinness' guidelines, the paper must be cut in half exactly once and then folded. Although the number of half-cuts is not indicated on Record Setter, one half-cut is all one needs to achieve maximum distance, as any other amount of half-cuts will result in deficient distance.

  • United States Kelley Parker

    Here is THE proof of Guinness World Record certification! https://dl.dropbox.com/u/24961861/Guinness%20-%20Pictures/20120827_174836.jpg

  • United States Rob Costa

    So since this is now an official Guinness World Record does it make this record moot? I am working on beating it, but don't have the time or energy to get Guinness involved.

  • United States Kelley Parker

    OFFICIAL GUINNESS WORLD RECORD - 23 feet (7.01 meters)


  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Was this denied because the goal posts weren't made by someone's hands? If yes, I would be open to evolving rules that state the goal posts must be made by hands to "goal posts must be a least three inches in height and no more than eight inches in width." If we did so, the record would belong to Ryan. Thoughts?

  • United States Kelley Parker

    Once Guinness gives me my official world record certificate, none of these videos will matter :) youtube.com/cliffgoat

  • The Internet Greg Gombar

    Firsr attempt, on the camera, me and my friend can make 16ft just not on camera

  • United States Simon Kirk

    Did you practice for this and then edited ? Impressive if you got this in the first attempt.

  • United States Rob Costa

    Wow 25 yards?!?!? Record it and submit it! That would be amazing to see. Of course I'm sure you meant feet becuase 25 yards is over 70ft and I dont think you could throw it that far let alone flick it.

  • The Internet Jeff Williams

    Cool, but I can thump a paper football over 25 yards and with a HIGH degree of accuracy - NO KIDDING. How far can YOU kick, Rob - or others??

  • Australia Peter Craig

    For users in the 21st century, this is equivalent to 426.7cm :)

  • The Internet Crystal Pelphrey

    Hey Dan, this is Andy. Your right this is a awesome video. If you guys want to change the criteria to where someone can use goal posts then that is fine with me, 5 inches would be about right for the width. Luckily for me when I done my attempt on this record my wife was around to hold the goal posts for me. I know that it makes it rough trying to do a record by yourself when you could use someone to help you out at times like in this record attempt haveing someone to make the goal post with their hands. So I have no problem with useing a goal post for this record attempt. Just as long as someone don't try to take down and use a set of goal posts that you'd see in a real football game!! lol! Congrats Emerson!! Awesome job on this record!!

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Awesome video, Emerson. Our criteria, however, states that the posts must be made from someone's hands. Are people OK if revise criteria and instead say, "Goal posts may be no more than five inches wide"?

  • The Internet jaedin dickerson

    me and my friend will beat this easily

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