Oldest Person To Submit 1800 RecordSetter World Records



Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, Canada / October 15, 2017

Doug McManaman has submitted 1,800 RecordSetter World Records. See all his records here.

- must show proof of age
- world records must be submitted to RecordSetter.com
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • Canada Doug McManaman

    Its really quite simple if you claim record # 1800 when you are 74 years old then you would break this record.


    This record is really appreciable. It can also become a motivation to many people to remain active besides old age. accept my salute to your creativity and just keep it up. God bless You.

  • Canada Doug McManaman

    Hi Tai The Records I have claimed for can be beaten for instance i claimed for # 1800 at 73 years old If you were to make 1800 and you were 74 then you would break that record, hope this is more clear and i am not trying to rush you , thanks Tai

    • United States Tai Star

      what if I were to make 1800 records before age 73 then wait until i'm 74? ? ? Just curious...

  • United States Tai Star

    I'm confused, so... Doug, you set Oldest Person To Make 500 RecordSetter World Records, Oldest Person To Make 1000 RecordSetter World Records, and Oldest Person To Make 1700 RecordSetter World Records.. Obviously your older now than when you set those records.. so my question is, Are you breaking all of these records everyday as you age??? or, Do you calculate the record by the age you are when you achieve your 500th, or 1800th record???

  • Australia Demythrate

    Your records amaze me by the day Doug! If i had a hat, I'll tip it off to you mate! Congrats on number 1,800!

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