Oldest Person To Achieve 1000 RecordSetter World Records

Canada Doug McManaman


Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, Canada / March 5, 2014

Doug McManaman achieved 1,000 RecordSetter world records at the age of 69.

- must provide official birth certificate
- all records set within video must be verified by RecordSetter.com


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  • Wales Mark Evans

    Mark Evans

    love you doug you are a legend congrats i would love to see you beat pankeys overall records.im sure you will very soon all the best most records of a welshman mark

  • United States SammyMorgan



  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    So to clarify: the record is based on the person's age at which they set their 1000th record? If you set another record when you're 70, then when what happens?

    • Canada Doug McManaman

      Doug McManaman

      Hi Dan The idea of a record for a certain number of records I think should start at say 100 then 500 then 1000 then 1500 and finally 2000 . This I think would be a great incentive for people to want to make more records, This could be awarded not only for the oldest person to make a certain number but it could also be done for the youngest person to reach that goal. Record setter could award a patch or something for anyone who succeeds. Just something for you and the community to think about.

    • Canada Doug McManaman

      Doug McManaman

      I forgot to answer your question if I set a record at 70 nothing happens I would have to make 1500 before I could make another milestone record. If someone else makes say 1000 and they are older than me on the day they do it then they would break my record as the oldest. hope this helps.

  • Canada Doug McManaman

    Doug McManaman

    Thanks Clint

  • United States Clint Poore

    Clint Poore

    Doug Congratulations on your amazing achievement!

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