Longest Motorcyle Jump In "Grand Theft Auto V Online" (PS4)

United States killer calamity

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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States / June 11, 2017

Killer Calamity's player in Grand Theft Auto V Online performed a motorcycle jump lasting three minutes, 26.96 seconds.

- timing starts when the back tire touches the top of the ramp
- timing ends when tire touches any object or the ground
- must observe RecordSetter video game criteria
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States IIMKGII


    i broke that record with oppressor, was in the air over 3 minutes, where can i submit my video?

    • United States IIMKGII


      oh, you were using PS4, is there a own section for PC?

    • United States killer calamity

      killer calamity

      You submit the video on this website but you have broken the PC version so just make sure you have it all listed as PC and i think no one else has it for that.. so after you submit it they take time to check the video and other record sites to make sure no one else has it and then they will email you if you have it... I think no one else has this record on PC so CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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