Most Milk Consumed While Walking On A Slackline

United States Daniel Edward


Ventura, California, United States / September 8, 2013

Daniel E. drank one gallon of milk while walking on a slackline.

- must provide video evidence
- must jump up on line while holding milk without support 
- may not dismount line for duration of attempt
- sitting on line permitted as long as body doesn't touch ground
- must observe RecordSetter balancing criteria
- may not receive assistance during the attempt


Tags: wildcardbalancingbalancewalkingslacklinemilkgallon

  • United States Tilly Racker

    Tilly Racker

    Then pay the price for it financial advisor san jose

  • United States Daniel Edward

    Daniel Edward

    thanks for the love guys!

    I did this to win 2 weblocks from a silly facebook post challenge.

  • United States Frankie Najera

    Frankie Najera

    This should not count as a full gallon. You totally threw up some of it. Record should stop right there.

    • United States Tai Star

      Tai Star

      yeah, but he kept his balance on the slackline, after puking. then kept drinking. . . So you can puke as much as you want just keep balancing.,,, , this is gross.

  • United States Ian McGehee

    Ian McGehee

    I wounder if someone will ever break it?

  • United States Tai Star

    Tai Star

    this looks really bad for your health, but i am kinda impressed at the staying balanced while puking

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    You are the Duke of Dairy! The Holy Cow! The Milkshaker!

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