Most Languages Used To Introduce Oneself

India Lakshya jaiswal


Mumbai, Maharashtra , India / October 23, 2017

Lakshya J. introduced himself in 11 different languages, stating both his name and where he’s from.

- must say your name and where you're from in each language
- must recite introductions from memory (no reading permitted)
- must not edit video


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  • United States Joshua Alvarez

    Joshua Alvarez

    How to answer career aspirations in my job performance review fast? I know 9 foreign languages, but should I use all of them while introducing myself as an international essay writer for hire? Graduated with 2 diplomas from Universidad de La Rioja and need help making my resume stand out.

  • India Lakshya jaiswal

    Lakshya jaiswal

    Finally i have brocken this record

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