Hottest Sword Swallowed

United States Dan Meyer


Hartselle, Alabama, United States / January 1, 2010

Dan Meyer swallowed a 38-inch sword with the hilt heated to over 1,525 degrees Fahrenheit. The sword was made by blacksmith Ben Robbins who lowered the sword down into his throat using blacksmith’s tongs. He performed the feat for the [History Channel][1] documentary, “[Stan Lee’s Superhumans][2]”. NOTE: Sword swallowing is dangerous, please do not attempt these records without proper training, supervision and safety precautions. [1]: [2]:’sSuperhumans

- sword must comply with Sword Swallowers Association Int'l requirements
- blade must be made of solid steel
- blade must be at least 15 inches long and one-half inch in width
- must have EMT and medical assistance standing by in case of emergency
- blade must be heated to over 1500 degrees Fahrenheit measured by a thermal heat meter


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