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Longest Time To Support Body Weight On Fingertips


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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada / May 10, 2011

Darryl Learieused his fingertips to lift his entire body for 18.20 secondson a concrete surface.

- only thumbs and fingertips may touch ground
- legs must remain straight and horizontal for entire attempt
- must attempt record on a concrete surface
- must not rest arms on any other part of the body


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  • Canada Darryl Learie

    Thank-you so much Jennifer :) As part of the URDB I feel obligated to present the very best of my efforts (a strong believer in competition against self) and in that I feel I better represent the URDB :)

  • United States Jennifer Wark

    This record is just getting more and more impressive. Wow!

  • Canada Darryl Learie

    Thanks Andy, I appreciate that. :)

  • United States Andy Pelphrey

    This is really impressive! I could tell that this attempt was tough and you showed alot of heart by staying with it as long as you did. Congrats!!

  • Canada Darryl Learie

    Yes, there was a simler record, but that record - the record setters were allowed to rest parts of their arms on parts of their body - where as this record the arms must worlk alone to lift the entire body. (I remember seeing a pic. of the one your speaking of-and Dan Rollman wasn't content with the presentation in and of itself, so I wanted to come up with clear criteria/boundaries to supporting one's weight via fingertips.(one which Dan Rollman would have no reservations about) :) )

  • Australia Peter Craig

    Im sure I remember seeing a record similar to this already listed? One of the very first early ones... Will have to check back. Congrats again Darryl.

  • Canada Darryl Learie

    Thank-you URDB for the most humble honour, all I can say is ultimately I can only compete against myself - which I find hardest because before each time I already tried my best. * I can only cherish the moment because sure enough another will come to break any one of my records, and all I can truly hop for is that I provided them a good challenge at best. :)

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