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Gainesville, Florida, United States / June 19, 2012

Michael James earned 715,162 points on Tetris Marathon.

- can be played online
- must play Tetris Marathon
- must observe RecordSetter video game criteria


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  • United States kilesini opajn

    Amazing victory. Now get all apps and games from applinked app

  • The Internet Cristofer Geronimo

    I got 9 million a few days ago, do I need to show proof?

  • The Internet Nolan hutchinson

    Im bout to beet it and im 16

  • The Internet Jonathan Lin

    Play Nblox Tetris you Pussy

  • The Internet Newbie

    I just downloaded the app and played a single game, (never played any other version of tetris before either.. i knew the concept tho) my high score is 583.090 now... definitrly going to pöay again soon but sleep comes first!

  • The Internet Newbie


  • The Internet Cody Legend

    Gday everybody, I'm from Australia mate. Chuck another shrimp on the barbie as they all say... (no they don't.) Anyway i'm here today to inform you of my high score of 2,248,345 points achieved in 1 hour 20 minutes and 37 seconds. if you don't believe me then check the leaderboards bitches. I'm out \m/

  • The Internet StevieG

    A year ago when i started playing a friend told me that She has done 330,000 and i thought that was impossible My best score now is a lot higher that focaltables 1325311

  • The Internet FocalTable

    1,325,311 is my marathon high score on the EA app Good luck ~ FocalTable

  • The Internet WILLIAM DOLE

    Just got 776,700 took 26 minutes 11 seconds

  • The Internet Fang Yang

    I just got done playing and i hit 1,026,473 it was a good game.

  • The Internet Alexander Nema

    I got 698,200. Took me 25 minutes. Beat the game.

  • The Internet elka

    I GET 316000 AND 715162 is impossible.

  • The Internet Lee Sean

    then came an Asian...

  • The Internet Alec Lindemann

    Oops sorry didn't see the most recent one, SICK DUDE NICE SCORE

  • The Internet Alec Lindemann

    http://puu.sh/DuU2 I beat it

  • The Internet Victor Lin

    thanks man! you can add me on Tetrisfriends; username is "veeector" i think i have a higher score on there lol

  • United States Michael James

    Awesome job Victor!

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