Highest "Flappy Bird" Score

United States Ben King


Ringgold, Georgia, United States / October 18, 2014

Ben K. earned 1,940 points in Flappy Bird.

- entire run must be shown in video
- must follow RecordSetter video game rules


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  • United States JG


    Why do play happy bird so much lol I mean who has enough time time to get 664 or 696 I mean some of guys are lying.

  • United States Maxine Richards

    Maxine Richards

    y'all are bullshitting on another level my god

  • United States Tristan rowe

    Tristan rowe

    My highest score is 1500 :(

  • United States Rex grav

    Rex grav

    i ws playing flappy bird while watching 9,934,856

    just kiddin'

  • United States Adrinan Figueroa

    Adrinan Figueroa

    barely my highest score i 999 already in second levl

  • United States lou731


    Mines is 550 lol https://youtu.be/t9PIapw_eKA

  • United States Boost Tsoob

    Boost Tsoob

    The hardest flappy bird version -> The Hardest Unhappy Bird. Yes, it is harder than flappy bird as you have to flap two birds at one time. Are you ready to challenge yourself? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.boost.games.thehardestunhappybird&hl=en

  • Canada Pepper


    O.O THIS IS AWESOME! I created an account just to make a comment on this XD It obviously isn't fake, because you were playing it without failing, and that's proof enough. Wow, my personal high score is 2...

  • United States Gadiel



  • United States Oscar Sanchez

    Oscar Sanchez

    It's really a coincidence that somehow this dudes only show from 1900 on, how did they filmed themselves ? camera not fucking moving, why do they cut off most of the footage? LAME, rules broken.

    • United States Kevin Kim

      Kevin Kim

      ... isnt it embarrassing... if you once had the world record without recording the whole video, why wouldn't I upload it to recordsetter? And please, I was with my family that time and since I got bored, I decided to play that game (not intended to break the world record).

      And, just to tell you, I broke my high score again few days ago (like 3 days ago), with 3,128. The videos coming up, starting the video from around 1,800. And no, i never intentionally tried to win the world record, because I was near a cafe before church started.

      And please, camera not moving? What does that have to do with being lame?! oh, ok, so am I supposed to move the camera to make it less lamer?!

      Rules broken. I know. but please respect the record setters. thanks

    • United States Oscar Sanchez

      Oscar Sanchez

      1.- It is lame because it makes no sense. How did you had time to set up a camera, accepting the fact that somehow you luckily had one nearby you were on 1800+ and still managed to kept playing? 2.- It is pretty lame that you get upset so much considering you didn't have any intentions in breaking and owning the record. 3.- Possible with xmod 4.- Looking forward for a video starting from 0.

    • United States Kevin Kim

      Kevin Kim

      1. setting up a camera? erm i live with my family... my dad was holding and recording the gameplay of the flappy bird.

      2. any intentions in breaking the record?! ok, look, i always try to reach for the furthest score in flappy bird, and if you are a flappy bird player, you'd know. ok i take that back. i was saying 'intentionally' as 'this wasn't expected'. ok?

      3. xmod? ok, so you think i hack is that right? if i do, why would i write replies on your comment anyways if this was all fake? pfft, why would i be such a jerk? and, face the truth. yes, it was my fault that i didn't record the whole video. but, no, i dont think its right to say "LAME". dude, if u say lame, why not you do something better, like YOU get the world record record from the start to the end?!

      dude seriously. do you not believe me? ok. doesnt really matter. haters gonna hate. but just please do know that saying "LAME" wont change the score, and please, it just only defines who you really are.

      1. mhm its my problem not recording from the start, and yes, a lot of people might think that i hack. but no... just... no. seriously... no. i don't hack, cross my heart, i have people that has seen my game play.

      i have an upcoming video with 3,128 (started from 1,800). the video right now is in someone elses device, and i will receive that on sunday (and yes, it might get in a rare occasion can get deleted).

      again, sorry for not recording from the start, but please. give respect to the ones that really did break the world record ;-; im serious. im not kidding at all. please. just please. no more "LAME BECAUSE CAMERA NOT MOVING".

    • United States Kevin's brother

      Kevin's brother

      Comment moderated

    • United States Kevin's Parents

      Kevin's Parents

      Comment moderated

  • United States straszny_raptor


    Sehr gut, aber mein Rekord ist von 05.05.2014 und beträgt 2046. Seit dem spiele ich eigentlich nicht mehr. Aber 3000- 5000 könnte ich schaffen. Gruß Rafał Stecewicz

  • United States WVGman


    This current record breaks the rules. It doesn't show the entire video.

  • United States Eetu Ehrukainen

    Eetu Ehrukainen

    I'm not sure is this if started from 1000 or something, but I've played this 4 times and got 447 with iPhone 4S :D I don't have the whole run, but I'm not sure is is even possible to hack it with iPhone..?

  • Canada Olivier Letendre

    Olivier Letendre

    The current record breaks the rules

    • United States Ben King

      Ben King

      Dude. I got 1,940. The rules don't apply to me. xD

    • Canada Olivier Letendre

      Olivier Letendre

      Rules are supposed to apply to everyone even if it's gonna be a million points, I myself, can easily hack fallpy bird and start with 1000 already

    • United States Matthew Felix

      Matthew Felix

      That's why I requested that rule. Bassie, Charles, and I show our entire run.

    • United States Kevin Kim

      Kevin Kim

      As a previous world record holder, I risked my own life to get this much. I'm sorry if I didn't record the full gameplay, because I didn't know that I would sit there for the rest of the 40 minutes playing flappy bird. I did not know that I would beat the world record while I was having a chat with my parents. I apologize about that, and please do know that all of my highscore is legit. Thank you.

  • United States Robin Von

    Robin Von

    The current record breaks the first rule. -.-;

  • United States jordan


    I can do much better

  • United States Kevin Kim

    Kevin Kim

    my highscore- 1936. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uQ2HLA9qIM http://instagram.com/p/n0bWncyAog/ http://instagram.com/p/n0bs89SApR/

  • Singapore Shane Sim

    Shane Sim

    I got 1179. Here's my full gameplay (26min): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTS5G-6RxsM

  • United States Jared Lepird

    Jared Lepird


  • United States Jared Lepird

    Jared Lepird

    IMG_9922.png View this

  • United States Adrian Wrzodak

    Adrian Wrzodak

    that song... "Respect"

  • Africa null



  • United States TheRebellion135


    I have 274, but I didn't record it. I didn't know it was the world record.....

  • United States Corey Henderson

    Corey Henderson

    Bassie, what platform were you doing this on? So stressful to watch. Congrats.

  • United States Jonathan f

    Jonathan f

    Is 246 the record right now?

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