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Longest Hand Bubble

United States

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Germantown, Maryland, United States / August 26, 2010

RobotBoy2001 blew a hand bubble 38 centimeters long.

- may only use one hand to create bubble
- bubble mixture can be made from any commercially available soap and water


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  • United States Ross Martin

    Great question. The way we figured out the longest distance was we picked the frame of the video at the moment the bubble seemed longest and looked at the yardstick. Not very precise, but maybe we could also upload a still of that frame with the video.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    I love this category, but it's obviously difficult to measure with precision. Anyone have ideas on how we can make improvements?

    • United States Gary Pearlman

      measure by volume

    • Canada Dan Rollman

      Gary, how is that done?

    • United States Gary Pearlman

      when you see my largest free floating bubble vid, you will notice that one pole os yellow, it has black markings set 1 foot apart. when i blew the bubble..i stood next to it with this ruler/pole.measured the size of the bubble as the converted my ruler to a measuring stick. every 30 degress [12xs] starting at noon. we got a measurement. add up all the totals on the 30 degree markings and divide by 12[12 xs 30= equals a 360 circumference. thats one way to do it. when i did it.. it was right on the money. 834 cu ft [circumference]or apprx 12.5 feet wide

    • United States Gary Pearlman

      it is a job and a pro at physics or geometry and do this in a flash

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