Largest Group Of People Beating Up Cancer Balloons

United States


Austin , Texas, United States / November 29, 2010

55 members of Texas 4000 each beat up a “cancer balloon.” They set the record as part of LIVESTRONG Young Adult Alliance’s Break Cancer campaign.

- each balloon must have "cancer" written on it


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  • United States cris hill

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  • Argentina Diya Das

    This is really an initiative and a good move to help cancer patients. Largest group of people who are beating up the cancer balloons. photo clipping service Thanks you so much for sharing this. We all will support you for this one.

  • United States Savannah Hall

    Love this! Deserves more likes...

  • The Internet Sammi

    Its nice to know they all care tho

  • United States Anna Wiśniewska


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