Most Drinks Included In A Globally Diverse Drink Tasting Session

United States Alastair Coote


Brooklyn, New York, United States / September 19, 2010

Alastair Coote attended a drink session that had 80 globally diverse drinks. Some of the drinks included Salva Vida Lager from Honduras, Kalik Lager from The Bahamas, and Tiger Beer from Singapore.

- drinks must be from different countries
- must provide visual evidence


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  • United States Rj Jawad

    Rj Jawad

    this is kind of cool...

  • United States Alastair Coote

    Alastair Coote

    Ah, this needs to be amended (I just have)- there are 80 beers, but only 58 countries represented.

  • United States Corey Henderson

    Corey Henderson

    Wait, so is it 80 separate countries? The list has things like "USA East" vs "USA North".

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