Fastest Time To Finish "Dune (1992)" (PC)

Norway Morten Bentsen


Oslo, Norway / April 4, 2012

Morten Bentsen finished a game of Dune (1992) in 23 days.


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  • Norway Morten Bentsen

    Morten Bentsen

    Dune is an adventure game from 1992, made by Cryo and Virgin Games. You play the main character Paul Atreides. His mission is to take control of the spice production on the planet Dune, and to defeat House Harkonnen. In the game you go straight from start to finish.

    The correct time of this record is 23 days (shown down in the left of the screen). Normal game length of is from 50 - 65 days the first times you play it.

  • United States Corey Henderson

    Corey Henderson

    How is this possible? Did you have to beat all the levels first and then you can go straight from the start to the finish? I don't get it.

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