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Most Triple Finger Snaps In 10 Seconds


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Oslo, Norway / September 18, 2011

Using a triple snap technique to multiply each snap into three, Morten Bentsen completed 297 triple finger snaps in 10 seconds.

- each snap must be audible
- must provide video evidence


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  • The Internet Matthew Allen

    Please consider my logic for a moment. Two "three snap rolls" make a count of one. Count 16 double "triple snap" rolls 3 times. 48 (double "triple snaps") times six (total of snaps per double "triple snaps" is 288 snaps. You have very well overcounted, I am afraid to admit over at least 20 snaps. You had also snapped a bit past 10 seconds. I am merely attempting to make right a fairly gross overestimation, seeing as I am 100% certain you had not exceeded 340 snaps. You had made, at most, 8 more double "triple snaps" after said 48 were counted. 288 + 48 = 336

    • Norway Morten Bentsen

      I'm not the guy who's counting the record attempts on this website. My comment on this attempt to Record Setter was: "I am not sure how many this is. Please help me count."

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