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Fewest Rubber Bands Used To Break A Watermelon

United States

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Blacksburg, Virginia, United States / October 16, 2015

Ava and Mia used 180 rubber bands to break a watermelon.

FAILED: Does not beat current record.

- watermelon must be no more than 10 inches in length
- must measure watermelon on camera at start of video
- watermelon may not be modified or tampered with in advance
- must use standard office rubber bands
- rubber bands must be placed around center of watermelon one at a time
- must count out rubber bands' number ("1...2...3") as they're placed on watermelon
- may not pause for more than 90 seconds between putting on rubber bands
- watermelon must split from rubber band pressure and no other outside forces
- must use extreme caution (safety goggles highly recommended)


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  • The Internet Jackson McGee

    Someone just put 1051 on a watermelon

  • Wales Mark Evans

    also i just want to say thank you to all the recordsetter team for picking my video as the best was a bit silly to attempt this record indoors.but had great fun thanks a million mark

  • Wales Mark Evans

    congrats to you and your family as well justin.thanks for making it an interesting competition.hope the blisters have healed up.all the best mark most records of a welsh person

  • United States Justin Landers

    Congratulations Mark for most spectacular explosion! The Landers Family

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dear Watermelon Explosion Contestants,

    Wow, what a competition. It was such a thrill watching techniques discussed, rubber bands wrapped, and, most of all, watermelons exploded.

    First off, the winner of the Apple Watch is current world record holder Justin Landers. He and his family bravely stepped up, donned safety glasses and magnificently pushed the limits of human achievement. Well done, Landers family!

    Choosing the winner of the Spectacular Explosion was much, much more difficult. We were awed by all the explosions, Cordell Pacheco's slo-mo explosion especially. That said, we've decided to award the iPad Mini to Mark Owens for his 150 rubber band video. The fact that he attempted the record in a GLASS HOUSE and that it exploded DIRECTLY IN HIS FACE make Mark an extremely brave and worthy victor.

    Thanks and congrats to all of you who participated for being part of this amazing project. We're currently editing a video that features all of you, and promise to share it soon.

    We'll contact the winners directly to arrange prize delivery. Stay tuned for the next Challenge!

    Yours in world records,

    Dan Rollman CEO, RecordSetter

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    We will announce winners and contact them tomorrow, stay tuned!

  • The Internet Josh Snyder

    Good job all! Crazy how we got the record from 441 all the way down to 91! :)

  • The Internet Cordell Pacheco

    Who got the spectacular explosion?

  • Wales Mark Evans

    hi everyone congrats justin and family now the competitions over i can now feel free to comment. the reason why i got it down to 150 was not the size of the rubber bands. it was due to the fact that my water melon was smaller than everybody else which was in the rules. my bands were standand size and standard thickness.which you can clearly see in the video.just because i am from wales that doesn,t mean that i can, follow rules. I have the most records of a welsh person and have followed the rules on every record .I AM WELSH AND PROUD thank you all

    • United States Justin Landers

      Hi Mark, thank you for the congratulations! As mentioned below, no disrespect was intended toward anyone! We wanted clarification. We also mentioned that we stood corrected on the size! Your rubber bands were standard office and so were ours. The watermelons that we found here in the north eastern United States were also smaller in size due to our season! We got a few different numbers exploding the watermelons with the same size rubber bands (example 216 rubber bands) one time. Out of the few that we used, we noticed some were just stubborn little things! We have seen your other records and have enjoyed viewing them! Best wishes to you, The Landers Family

  • United States Justin Landers

    We stand corrected! We just found out that office standard is office standard! Apparently it doesn't matter what the number of the rubber band is!

  • United States Justin Landers

    No disrespect to Record Setter but we understand Erin and Josh! We just tried to break this record with the same size watermelon and standard rubber bands #32! I know Mark is from another country but his rubber bands are a lot thicker in appearance. This would make a difference as seen in the numbers! Someone should test this theory! I think they look like our # 16 rubber bands? When the watermelon challenge was issued, rubber bands were available through record setter! Am I right? We didn't even come close to Erin's record so writing this would not be to our advantage at all! We just understand what Josh and Erin are saying! Again, Record Setter gets last say and no disrespect intended at all!

    • Canada Dan Rollman

      Hi Justin. Frustrations are understood. As mentioned below, we felt that using the somewhat generic language of "standard office rubber bands" was the fairest way to host a global competition. We plan to do more Challenges like this, and will work hard to avoid any records that may lead to similar issues. If anyone has IDEAS for a future Challenge, please leave them below.

  • The Internet Erin Cummins

    Are those standard office rubber bands #32 ?

    • Canada Dan Rollman

      Erin and Josh -- In making this an international competition, we figured there could be potential discrepancies with rubber band size. For that very reason, we used generic language to state that competitors "must use standard office rubber bands." In reviewing Mark Owens' submissions, our moderators chose to accept his rubber bands as a match for such criteria. (Note: Mark is based in Wales.)

  • The Internet Josh Snyder

    Are those office standard rubber bands #32?

  • The Internet Josh Snyder

    Good job! Just to let y'all know you repeated 32 and 171 and 361 twice and skipped one between 26 and 27 + 74 and 75 + 311 and 312. So your real record should be 377. :)

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    You two are legends, congrats!

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