Fewest Throws To Hit A Bullseye While Balancing On A Rola Bola

United States


Springfield, Illinois, United States / March 8, 2011

Brian Pankey hit a bullseye on his sixth throw, while balancing on arola bola.

- must use a regulation-sized dartboard
- must be at least 7 feet and 9 3/4 inches from the dartboard
- rola bola cylinder must be 6 inches or greater in diameter
- must perform on hard, smooth surface


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  • Australia Peter Craig

    I think this is the first record I've given "thumbs down" (although I don't actually know what this would represent)... only for the sole fact that this category quickly becomes a stalemate when it reaches one and that target is too easily reached (ie. I've only ever played darts once, but if I had a board I could try 100 times and eventually get it "on the first attempt" - but to get 3 bullseyes in 3 attempts....)

  • Australia Peter Craig

    It's similar to the record for "accumulative total" in 3 attempts. The reason being that each attempt is often so unpredictable that one attempt is impressive, but to follow it by one equally as impressive is impossible, but to follow with a third makes it amazing.

  • Australia Peter Craig

    I think in categories such as this "fewest attempts", similar to "fewest attempts to stop an iPhone stopwatch at 1:00 - it stops at one and can be rigged around actually being 100 attempts until you get a clean shot appearing to be on the first attempt... I think a better way of determining "first attempt" or at least more impressive is "most bullseyes" or "least attempts for X bullseyes" - ie go for 5 or 10 bullseyes - then you can at least get it down to a minimum of 10 which is a much more impressive feat that 1 attempt that is likely to be the 100th but the previous 100 don't need to be on film...

  • United States Brian Pankey

    more dart board rola bola records to come.

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