Fastest Time To Eat 25 Pringles Potato Chips While Juggling Two Potatoes In The Opposite Hand While On A Rola Bola

United States Brian Pankey

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Springfield, Illinois, United States / July 23, 2010

Brian Pankey ate 25 Pringles potato chips in 2 minutes, 25 seconds while juggling two potatos in the other hand and balancing on a rola bola.

- rola bola cylinder must be six inches or greater in diameter
- must eat Pringles chips any flavor is fine
- must eat the chips individually
- must stay on the rola bola at all times
- must have rola bola on a smooth surface
- board, floor, concrete, tile,etc.
- must have a belt or rope with a container to grab the chips out of
- chips can not be eaten out of any table they must be hooked or strapped to your body with a belt, rope string, etc.
- must juggle 2 potatoes any size in the free hand
at the same time


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