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Fastest Time To Drink Two 32-Ounce Bottles Of Gatorade

United States Tim Rauscheder


Cleveland, Ohio, United States / June 30, 2009

Tim Rauscheder drank two 32-ounce bottles of Gatorade in 22.56 seconds, a new world record. He stipulated that the bottles could be any flavor and consumed at any temperature.

- must begin and end attempt with an empty mouth
- must drink bottles one at a time
- spitting and vomiting are grounds for disqualification
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • The Internet Deliperson


    I've done that before... 13 seconds :)

  • The Internet matt moody

    matt moody

    yeah so guys i did post my video it was in 4.58 seconds but they say it was 4.87 u guys cant touch me im like a boss

  • HAHA.. nice Tim.. hey man my single bottle record is up... I think i can do better but well see good luck :)

  • The Internet Tim Rauscheder

    Tim Rauscheder

    4 seconds. I'll believe that when my poop turns pink and taste like rainbow sherbert. Maybe he should change his name from moodymatt to storytellinmatt?

  • Vietnam SeanG123456789


    yeah i call a big BS on drinking 32 ounces in 4 seconds... you dont have to lie to try to seem cool on this website.. if you dont have any records then your not cool in general

  • moodymat im calling bs.. lets see some footage your single bottle record...

  • The Internet matt moody

    matt moody

    i almost got this record it was 23.46 seconds and im 15 and i weigh 120 pounds... prolly the reason why i didnt get the record is that i chugged the first 32 oz in 4 seconds... that was not a good idea and with my last 20 oz it all almost came back up

  • The Internet Tim Rauscheder

    Tim Rauscheder

    I should submit my own single bottle record. Good idea.

  • LOL..So Yea I tried it and failed.. this record is legit..Im gonna post my own 1 bottle record though..its just the first one when i tried for

  • The Internet Tim Rauscheder

    Tim Rauscheder

    Be careful. If you dont take a breath between the two bottles you will choke. I've done this 4 times and my next closest time is 25 seconds.

  • im Coming For this record.. not the three bottle one but this gonna try at check out my phone book record..

  • Crazy

  • The Internet Tim Rauscheder

    Tim Rauscheder

    If you did not drink Gatorade then it would not be a Gatorade challenge. If you live in Germany, do beer.

  • Well pretty good, but i think i can top it. Would you accept a challenge with another beverage ( also carbonic acid free) ? I couldn't find a store that has Gatorade. I'm from Germany and the only Gatorade I can find is some instant stuff.

  • United States Ryun Forsman

    Ryun Forsman


  • United States Alexander Paul Kleinschmidt

    Alexander Paul Kleinschmidt

    Oh dude wow that was fast.

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