Fastest Time To Drink A Milkshake Through A Vuvuzela

Canada The Record Collection


Toronto, Ontario, Canada / August 1, 2010

Sam Stilsonof The Record Collection drank an entire milkshake (4 cups) through a vuvuzelain 59.21 seconds.

- any sized vuvuzela permitted
- must contain exactly 4 cups of milkshake
- any flavor of milkshake permitted
- significant spillage disqualifies record (guy in hat was disqualified) 
- must drink directly from vuvuzela (no straws, etc.)
  • United States Jonathan Lin

    Jonathan Lin


  • Northern Ireland Jesus Santos

    Jesus Santos

    how much is 4 cups?? can you specify the exactly amount of milkshake??

    • United States Jenn Wark

      Jenn Wark

      Four cups is a unit of measurement, it's equivalent to 950 ml.

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