Fastest "Doom: Episode Three" Speedrun (PC)

United States Dave Vogt


St. Louis, Missouri, United States / August 28, 2014

Dave V. performed a Doom: Episode Three speedrun in 10 minutes, 23.00 seconds.

- must play on Ultra Violence difficulty
- no saving, loading, or pausing allowed
- timing ends at episode end dissolve screen; must include tally screens
- must provide video evidence
must observe RecordSetter video game criteria


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  • United States Dave Vogt

    Dave Vogt

    There's definitely room for improvement- but it's glitchless, which negates some of the really good time-savers. :)

  • United States MaturedSinner


    This is ridiculously slow. Like, twice as long as the first Ultra-Violence speedrun I looked at for reference.

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