Most Dice Stacked Using A Dice Cup

Germany Maximiliano Pugliese


Hessdorf, Bavaria, Germany / April 30, 2015

Maximiliano P. stacked 10 dice using a dice cup.

- must stack six-sided dice one on top of each other
- must use standard 5/8" six-sided dice
- must use dice stacking technique as demonstrated by the original record setter
- dice tower must hold for at least five seconds
- must observe RecordSetter balancing criteria
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Gary Pearlman

    Gary Pearlman

    you cant dice stack on a mat dan. and maybe they are out there better then mine. record setter needs to start somewhere. ANY CHALLENGES ANYONE?

    • Germany Maximiliano Pugliese

      Maximiliano Pugliese

      Hi Gary, sorry for breaking your record =) I didn't find a larger cup than this one at home. Is it okay to use something else as a cups like a pringles can or a selfmade cup (made of cardboard roll) instead to stack even more dice?

    • United States Gary Pearlman

      Gary Pearlman

      they have a pringles can record i say no go. i used a cup.. not a pringles

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    While a very impressive feat, this appears to be far from the world record. A quick google search reveals that stacks as high as 15 have been documented:

    Here's a video of a higher stack:

    I vote we deny this attempt. I've also added new rules taken from the Record Holders website.

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