Most Consecutive Myachi Hand Loops

Chile Felipe baraona

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Santiago, Greater Santiago, Chile / February 27, 2016

Felipe B. performed four consecutive Myachi hand loops.

- may not reposition Myachi with other hand during attempt
- hand must entirely loop around Myachi each time
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • Wales Mark Evans

    Mark Evans

    dan can you please look at the rules on tallest can tower assembled in 30 secs? nothing states in the rules on how long the can tower should stay up for. i suggest you make it at least five secs.many thanks mark

  • United States World Records For Everyone!

    World Records For Everyone!

    Hey dan can you please check my 4 world records, and your record is fantastic

  • Wales Mark Evans

    Mark Evans

    hi dan i have just sorted out the fastest time hit as many golf balls as you can in 10 secs i hit one ball backwards in the attempt with with slow mo it did leave the ground anyway the most important thing is that i would love it if you and corey and the rest of the record setter team to check this video out as i have made a massive commitment to record setters you will see what i mean? its my 40th year i a few years ago i wanted just one world record in my life so i decided to ask guinness about records and as you know it takes for things to happen any then i came across your site and i was so proud when i joined as i found i was a welsh memder and your site even reckonised wrexham where as guinness dont and class you as great britain which we do come under but there is wales;england;scotland,and ireland but to me that does not cut it which you do which therefore give me the idea of going for the most welsh records which i have now and so proud of that ryan giggs the man u footballer is welsh and has 5 world records with guinness but still wont be classed as welsh records as it wiil come under great britan so i only wanted 6 or seven to prove that i have the most records of a welsh person and thanks to your quick work i done that in now then i thought i would go for 50 which i am close with my new suprise to watch i am going for 100 hundered records then i will submit most records of a welshman which will make me the proudest person on the planet love recordsetters cheers mark owen evans

  • United States Tai Star

    Tai Star

    hand loops.., that sounds way better than 360-degree catches.

  • United States Tai Star

    Tai Star

    if I had a Myachi I could.

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