Most Consecutive Cartwheels On A Beach

United States Holly Durbin


St. Joseph, Michigan, United States / October 21, 2017

Holly D. performed 52 consecutive cartwheels while on a beach.

- must perform full cartwheels
- must not pause between cartwheels for more than 10 seconds
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Novak Mark

    Novak Mark

    Beautiful! My 10 year old granddaughter will be challenging your record. I love young females in athletics!

  • United States Tbo452


    Nice job Holly! I am so glad that this record is being held by a female once again.

    We need more records like this held by talented ladies like you.

    I think you should also try to break the record for most somersaults on a beach since it is only 50.

  • United States Isabella



  • Egypt Gaber Ali

    Gaber Ali

    very good

    • United States Michael Nextremetalfreiza

      Michael Nextremetalfreiza

      Thanks so much, Eagle, and I have already seen you in action; congratulations on your new Guinness record of 64+ cartwheels in a minute! :) I was thinking of trying to exceed Yash Patel as you did but didn't even exceed 50 in a minute as you may have noticed here or here Very impressive indeed, and I wish I could sustain that level of intensity or learn some new moves-like you-since you seem far more fluent with your gymnastics! I'm sure you could beat this particular record on the beach with ease, but thanks so much for the encouragement! I can't even do a back handspring or an aerial as you can easily do but wish that I could; I am very much impressed by your handy work! :) I like to do consecutive front handsprings as you do too, and I also love your introduction of 8 cartwheel types! The ONLY record I have on this site that could even begin to provide a challenge for you is this one: but certainly wouldn't be too difficult for a man of your skill level. By the way, Eagle, I really hope you like my favorite video so far:

    • United States Michael Azzam

      Michael Azzam

      Pretty extreme, Eagle Jaber!

    • United States Michael Nextremetalfreiza

      Michael Nextremetalfreiza

      These are simply AMAZING skills you have!

  • United States Michael Nextremetalfreiza

    Michael Nextremetalfreiza

    The previous attempt was actually done on the same day as the one where 27 was done (several minutes prior to the video of 27); I just don't seem to actually know when in May it was. I heard it was the day before Memorial day.

  • United States BlackBeltSkydive


    Why don't any of you with all your criticism break the record and show us how it's done? As the saying goes, "Talk is cheap."

  • United States Mia Williams

    Mia Williams

    I can do more than 50 consistent handstands with out taking steps, and I'm 11 years old!

  • United States Justin Peterson

    Justin Peterson

    Kinda lame should b no steps between cartwheels so it's consistent.. An 8 year old girl could beat that record..

  • United States Mama Bear

    Mama Bear

    These are cartwheels. Not handstands.

  • United States Emily Patricia

    Emily Patricia

    Aren't these cartwheels, not handstands? Let me know what you think, Madeleine!

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