Most Consecutive Baseball Bounces On Alternate Sides Of A Rubber Mallet



Blakeview, South Australia, Australia / July 9, 2010

- mallet cannot be held any closer than 2cm (1 inch) to the mallet   head
- ball cannot touch any other surface or person during bounces


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  • United States Brian Pankey

    This is tough record. I keep getting stuck at 300. Go Peter!

  • Australia Peter Craig

    Good attempt Brian... so I had to beat you again :). Have submitted and waiting for verification. Again I can moderate myself but prefer not to do my own so am waiting with baited breath for my 6 record submissions to be approved... I've noted a disclaimer on my attempt on this one as prolonged use might cause injury. The stages I noticed during my attempt are: 50 bounces: Dull ache 100: Sharper pain 150: Hand begins to cramp 200: Hand ceases up, you forget which side to bounce on next 250: Hand goes numb so no pain is felt so you can go for your life with it... 300: Your mind is telling your hand to keep moving but your hand for some reason stays still...

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