Fastest Completion Of World 1-1 In "New Super Mario Bros." (DS)

England Jake Simons

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London, England / June 20, 2016

Jake S. completed World 1-1 in New Super Mario Bros. in 23.26 seconds.

- must start without any power-ups
- ROMS are allowed
- must follow RecordSetter video game rules
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Emerson Mosley

    Emerson Mosley

    I beat it

  • United States Shawn Yu

    Shawn Yu

    But that is apparently not 23 sec

  • United States Nicholas Lambert

    Nicholas Lambert

    Your record is so close to mine Almost identical I think I beat you by like .01 seconds though We'll have to see Here's mine:

  • United States Alejandro


    I will broke it

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