Fastest Time To Climb Old Rag Mountain

United States Dan Morrison

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Etlan, Virginia, United States / March 27, 2010

Dan Morrison of Citizen Effect and three friends climbed 3291 feet from the base of Old Rag Mountainto its peak in 90 minutes.

- staring point = trail head oat bottom of Old Rag Mountain
- ending point = summit


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  • United States Duane Williamson

    Duane Williamson

    Take a digital photo of yourselves at the start with appropriate identifying features behind you and the the second shot where you finish. Then post the time stamp with from both digital photos that have you in them. I have run the loop from the fire road sigh below shelters to the parking lot that goes up to the rock scramble to the top? Is the top the pinicale rock or do you just run down the trail to the fireroad? Then I have run down the fire road to the two shelters and then the sign where I began on the fireroad.

  • United States Erich Shea

    Erich Shea

    I've done Old Rag (starting from the upper parking lot where the portajohns are, up the regular ascent/rock scramble and down the other side with the two shelters and the subsequent fire road) in 1 hour 21 minutes 40 seconds. I did this on Nov. 9, 2008, with a small group of guys. The winning time was by Greg Hammer, who made it in 1:20:30. Before and after 11/9/08, I've logged a 1:25:15, 1:28:32 and one where my stopwatch accidentally got turned off but I beat by ~1 minute a guy who timed his loop at 1:24:50. This Saturday (6/18/11) I'm racing again with one other guy and am hoping to beat my 1:21:40 PR. Would love to get it under 1:20 and getting a sub-1:15 is the real dream, but at age 40, my window for that is probably closing.

  • United States Jack Thornton

    Jack Thornton

    Did a round trip from Ranger Station at the foot of Old rag to summit and back in 1 hr 23 min and 56 sec. Ran most of the way. While I have no proof other than my word and the word of the Park rangers working the station, I can assure you it was done.

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