Most Butt Traps With A Soccer Ball In One Minute



Brooklyn, New York, United States / March 3, 2012

Miki Agrawal, owner of SLICE, completed eight butt traps with a soccer ball in one minute.

- ball must be fully inflated
- must use size 5 ball
- may not use hands or exterior surfaces
- ball must be cleanly trapped between heel and butt to be counted
- must use same leg for duration of attempt


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  • Canada Derek Brown

    Guess it would be a bid time to submit my video of beating her record...

  • United States Jenn Wark

    Miki, you & your amazing football skills are being featured on our Facebook & Twitter today in honour of the world cup!

  • Canada Derek Brown

    Awesome lady! Will you marry me? Hahaha we can crush world records together? Hahahaha but honestly a woman with that much skill and a amazing set of legs impresses the hell out of me. I kinda wanna challenge this record hehehe

  • India tarun agrawal

    hi I am Tarun Agrawal from India you are fantastic ,wanna be your friend please mail at

  • India tarun agrawal

    hi miki, that is great i am tarun agrawal from india wanna make u friend do u if yes contact through mail my email

  • United States Lance Eustache

    I didn't know pizza shop owners can do this. LOL

  • The Internet Grantthechelseaboy

    Lucky ball

  • Brazil Rudy Aaron

    you are so cute!

  • United States PeteM

    Dem leg muscles...

  • United States Emily Patricia

    Sweet record. Will we see more soccer records out of you soon?

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