Most Alternating Under-The-Leg And Standard Bounces With A Ping Pong Ball And Paddle

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Carmichael, California, United States / August 11, 2013

Peter C. completed 298 alternating under-the-leg and standard bounces using a ping pong and a paddle.

- bounces must be consecutive
- paddle position must alternate between under-the-leg and standard bounces between each bounce
- may be forehand or backhand hits
- must provide video evidence


Tags: bouncingping pong ballpaddleping pongundertheleg

  • India Saurav Ghosh

    Congrats Peter ,what did you get as prize

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Great record, Peter. For future videos shot on a phone, remember to turn camera sideways to avoid those ugly black bars on the side of the frame.

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