Longest Time To Balance A Bottle Cap On Top Of Two Chopsticks While Another Person Wears A Doritos Bag On Head And Holds Chopsticks In Mouth And Another Person Holds A Keg Overhead

United States

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States / August 29, 2012

Christian Cipollini balanced a bottle cap on top of two chopsticks for one minute, 0.40 seconds while his friend beside him wore a Doritos bag on his head and had chopsticks in his mouth. A third participant held a keg over his head while listening to Vamos A La Playa.

- must have three participants
- one of the participants must balance a bottle cap on top of two chopsticks
- another participant must wear a Doritos bag on head and put chopsticks in mouth to impersonate a walrus for duration of attempt
- another participant must hold a keg over his head for duration of attempt
- must listen to Vamos A La Playa
- must provide video evidence


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