Highest Score In "Super Mario Bros. 3" (NES) Using A Single Life

United States


DuBois, Pennsylvania, United States / December 27, 2013

Mason C. earned 5,943,660 points in Super Mario Bros. 3.

- original console and cartridge must be used
- all point pressing techniques are valid provided they do not nullify the level timer
- only a single life must be used
- bonus games are optional
- all items picked up may be used
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States John Wilson

    Mario is my favorite game, next is old school RuneScape where I also sell osrs bonds

  • Pakistan muneer ahmed

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  • The Internet James

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  • The Internet James

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  • The Internet James

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  • The Internet Nguyễn Viết

    Mario Games is a very interesting kind of guy Games Mario

  • The Internet Jeff Sumerlin

    he is Leaching for points, you can not cheat the game by doing that to get a high score. You must play the game by proceeding threw the level not staying in spots to leach. This should be taken off and is making this site fake.

    • The Internet Grant Fikes

      Other records on this site that existed at the time this one was submitted: "Most Ice Cream Sandwiches Given Away While Jumping No Handed On A Pogo Stick" "Most Times Getting A Mattress World Employee To Say "Mattress" On A Phone Call" "Most Money Placed On An Electronic Chessboard" This site was pretty fake already. :)

    • United States Eric Eggleton

      Some records are legit but yeah the random ones like that, let me break that record so i can brag lol.

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