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02:39 Canada

Most Wall Posters In A Bedroom

Madyson Doucet

Madyson D. has 421 posters on the walls of his bedroom.

00:24 United States

Most Empty Boxes Knocked Down With A Broom While Riding A Pallet Jack

Guido Balducci

Guido Balducci knocked over 44 empty paper boxes with a broom while riding a pallet jack. The wall of boxes he’d set up originally had 55 boxes. tag:RecordSetterBook01

United States

Most Signatures On A Room's Interior

Amber Byrd

Amber Byrd has 75 friends’ signatures on the walls and ceiling of her bedroom.

02:01 United States

Largest Group To Run Into A Wall And Fall Down

Ian Schweitzer

65 people ran into a wall and fell down.

00:17 United States

Fastest Time To Climb Up A Door Frame

Mack Moore

Mack Moore climbed up a standard sized door frame in 1.01 seconds. NOTE: Please use caution if you attempt this record and have adult supervision on hand.

United States

Most Consecutive Times Spitting Table Tennis Ball At Wall And Catching It In Mouth

James Sturges

James S. spat a table tennis ball at a wall and caught it with his mouth 12 consecutive times.

01:28 United States

Most Times Spitting Table Tennis Ball At Wall And Catching In In Mouth In One Minute

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey spat a table tennis ball at a wall and caught it with his mouth 12 times in one minute. Spits in which he didn’t successfully catch it weren’t counted.

36:04 United States

Longest Head Stand Against A Wall

Conrad Foster

Conrad F. performed a head stand against a wall for 36 minutes, 1.27 seconds.

00:12 United States

Fastest Time To Touch Every Wall Of A Bathroom

Mark Foster

Mark Foster touched the floor, ceiling, and all four walls of a bathroom in 4.54 seconds.

00:15 United States

Longest Basketball Bank Shot

David Crawford

David Crawford successfully banked a basketball shot off wall 42 feet away from the basket. See a diagram of basketball court and dimensions here.

01:49 United States

Longest Time To Play Patty-Cake While Wall Sitting

Jordan and Austin

Jordan and Austin played patty-cake while wall sitting for one minute, 9.31 seconds.

United States

Most Cans Of Fanta Attached To Wall With Duct Tape


Thomas McGinniss attached eight cans of Fanta soda to a wall using duct tape.

United States

Largest Community Poem Written By Facebook Fans On A Fan Page Wall

Barnes & Noble College

Members of the Barnes amp; Noble College Facebook community celebrated National Poetry Month by posting the largest group poem on their Facebookwall with 50 unique contributors.

01:12 United States

Most Catches Of A Baseball From The Side Of A Building Using A Fishing Dip Net From Six Feet Away In 30 Seconds

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey bounced a baseball off of the side of a building and caught it 18 times using a fishing dip net from six feet away in 30 seconds. He caught a total of 19 bounces but the last attempt did not fall within the 30 second mark.

06:21 United States

Most Consecutive Times Heading A Balloon Off Of A Wall

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey hit a balloon with his head off of a wall 235 consecutive times.

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