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03:17 United States

Most Consecutive Tricks Performed By A Dog

Kim Mayes

Kim Mayes’ dog Seppala completed 52 tricks in succession.

00:11 United States

Most "Matrix Unleashed" Exchanges With Myachis

Luke Rodgers

Luke Rodgers performed 23 “Matrix Unleashed” exchanges using two Myachis.

00:32 United States

Most Playing Card Thumb Fans With A One-Handed Close In 30 Seconds


Arko completed 23 playing card thumb fans with a one-handed close in 30 seconds.

00:05 Slovakia

Fastest Card Trick


Stefan S. performed a card trick in 0.08 second.

00:30 United States

Most Ollies In 30 Seconds


TheSkaterG performed 41 ollies in 30 seconds.

03:20 United States

Most Forward Passes With A Yo-Yo While Standing On One Foot


Billy O. performed 200 consecutive forward passes while standing on one foot.

00:30 United States

Most Cigar Box Swipes In 30 Seconds

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey performed 28 cigar box swipes in 30 seconds.

03:46 England

Most Consecutive "Infinite Suicide" Diabolo Tricks

Joseph Thompson

Joseph T. performed 314 Infinite Suicide diabolo tricks in a row.

01:38 United States

Fastest Time To Perform A Three-Phase Ambitious Card Routine With Surprise Ending

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey completed a three-phased Ambitious card routine in 41.10 seconds. Phases of the routine: Phase 1 - Signed card is put in the center of the deck of cards, then card returns back to the top of deck. Phase 2 - Repeat phase 1 Phase 3 - Put signed card inside pocket. Reveal that the deck of cards is nailed together.

00:32 United States

Longest Poi Orbital Trick

Kyle Johnson

Kyle J. performed a poi orbital trick that lasted 25.80 seconds.

01:26 Norway

Most Cigarette Flips In One Minute

Makenzie Priest

Taylor Priest completed 13 cigarette flips on a skateboard in one minute.

02:07 Australia

Fastest Time To Complete "Needles Through A Balloon" Magic Trick While Spinning A Plate


Jake Wilkinson completed the Needles Through A Balloon magic trick in 23.62 seconds while spinning a plate on a stick.

00:30 United States

Fastest Five-Phased Chop Cup Routine

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey completed a five-phased Chop Cup routine in 29.47 seconds. Phases of the routine: Phase 1 - Cup and ball are shown. Cup is empty. A ball is put in cup, then taken out and placed in pocket. Ball is shown still under the cup. Phase 2 - Cup is lifted and ball placed in it. Ball is shown to go through the cup even if there is no hole in the cup. Phase 3 - Repeat phase 2 but yellow practice golf ball appears under the cup. Phase 4 - Golf ball is inside the pocket but a 2.5-inch in diameter smiley face appears under the cup. Phase 5 - Before it's over, another big ball appears under the cup.

00:16 United States

Most Consecutive "Poppers" With A Myachi

Huntur Soper

Huntur Soper performed nine consecutive “Poppers” with a Myachi.

00:53 United States

Most 180 Turns On A Skateboard In 30 Seconds


TheSkaterG performed 61 180 turns on his skateboard in 30 seconds.

00:22 United States

Most Consecutive Sideways "Around The World" Yo-yo Tricks

Billy Oakley

Billy O. performed 20 consecutive sideways Around the World yo-yo tricks.

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