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01:29 United States

Farthest Distance To Throw A Starburst Into A Jar While Kneeling

Jonathan Merrill

Jonathan Merrill threw a Starburst into a jar 12 feet away while kneeling.

00:29 United States

Fastest Time To Unwrap A Starburst Candy Using Mouth

Mike Stone

Mike S. unwrapped a Starburst candy in 6.70 seconds using only his mouth.

00:40 United States

Highest Distance To Drop A Starburst Into A Jar

Jonathan Merrill

Jonathan Merrill dropped a Starburst into a jar from a height of 143 inches (11.91 feet).

01:57 India

Longest Time To Balance A Five Starburst Tower On Forehead While Standing On A Rola Bola

Suresh Gaur

Suresh Gaur balanced a tower of five Starburst candies on his forehead while balancing on a rola bola for one minute, 1.22 seconds.

00:48 United States

Most Starburst Balanced On Elbow And Caught While On A Rola Bola

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey balanced seven Starburst on his elbow and caught six of them in his hand while standing on a rola bola.

00:34 United States

Most Starburst Candies Flung From A Spinning Bowl


Wyatt spun a bowl and added Starburst candies one at a time, causing 10 candies to be ejected from the spinning dish.

04:14 United States

Most Starburst Candies Stuck To Face Using Saliva

Austin Boudreaux

Austin B. stuck 19 Starburst candies to his face using saliva.

08:12 United States

Most Starbursts Held In One Hand

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey held 118 [Starburst][1] candies in one hand. [1]:

United States

Tallest Starburst Candy Tower

Sebastian Ledesma

Sebastian L. built a tower using Starburst candies that reached 19 pieces in height.

01:48 India

Tallest Starburst Candy Tower Stacked In Hand

Suresh Gaur

Suresh Gaur built a Starburst tower on his hand 14 pieces in height.

United States

Tallest Starburst Tower Stacked On A Juggling Ball

Vito O.

Viktor O. stacked 10 Starburst candies on a juggling ball.

01:44 India

Tallest Starburst Tower Stacked On Top Of Spoon Held In Mouth

Suresh Gaur

Suresh Gaur stacked 12 Starburst candies on top of a spoon held in his mouth.

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