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00:32 United States

Most One-Armed Armpit Farts In 30 Seconds

Nathan shaw

Nathan S. completed 78 one-armed armpit farts in 30 seconds.

00:05 Hungary

Most Kissing Sound Produced In Five Seconds

Mark Molnar

Márk M. produced 29 kissing sound in five seconds.

01:02 Ireland

Longest Fake Burp

Mike Wilde

Mike Baconator produced a fake burp sound that lasted for one minute, 2.00 seconds.

00:35 Belgium

Most Times Blowing A Whistle At The Sea In 30 Seconds


VTKlustrum blew a whistle at the sea 104 times in 30 seconds.

00:31 United States

Most "Shoulder Farts" In 15 Seconds

Hanne De

Hanne D. performed 28 shoulder farts in 15 seconds.

01:07 Italy

Most Whistle Blows Using Fingers In 30 Seconds


Luca Z. completed 180 whistle blows using his fingers in 30 seconds.

00:14 United States

Longest Lightsaber Sound Produced With Mouth

Dalton James

Dalton J. produced a lightsaber sound with his mouth for 6.16 seconds.

01:02 United States

Most "Eye Farts" In 30 Seconds

Schacht Eenendertig

Schacht E. completed 60 eye farts in 30 seconds.

00:46 United States

Most Foot Farts In 30 Seconds

DaleRay Orange

DaleRay completed 66 foot farts in 30 seconds.

00:15 Malaysia

Most Hand Farts In 30 Seconds

Kelvin Ong

Kelvin O. created 100 fart sounds in 30 seconds using his hands.

00:58 United States

Most People Making Barnyard Sounds While Standing On One Foot

Keith Splawn

Keith S. led 70 people from Escola Internacional Puraquequara in making barnyard sounds while standing on one foot.

00:46 United States

Loudest Box Lid Slam

Death kor

Death Kor slammed a box lid, creating a sound reaching 104.9 decibels.

03:59 Italy

Highest Pitched Whistle


Luca Z. let out a whistle pitched at 5,226 Hertz high.

01:08 United States

Tallest Coin Tower On A Drum Knocked Down By A Didgeridoo

Tai Star

Tai Star created a coin tower containing 47 coins on a drum. Star knocked it down by blowing the didgeridoo to the coin tower.

00:26 Canada

Longest Steady Howl From A Dog

Mitchie Dagger

Mitch Calder's dog howled steadily for 5.83 seconds.

01:16 United States

Most Fart Sounds Made With Noise Putty In 30 Seconds While Wearing A Toothpaste Mustache And Toothpaste Unibrow

Nancy Kate Phillippi

Nancy Kate Phillippi's friend made 26 fart sounds in 30 seconds with noise putty while wearing a toothpaste unibrow. Nancy Kate Phillippi was wearing a toothpaste mustache.

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