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02:38 India

Longest Time Balancing A Soccer Ball On Right Foot While Sitting On An Exercise Ball

Suresh Gaur

Suresh G. balanced a soccer ball on his right foot for one minute, 41.40 seconds while sitting on an exercise ball.

00:57 United States

Longest Time Spinning Soccer Ball On Finger

David Cain

David Cain spun a soccer ball on his finger for 42.97 seconds.

02:13 England

Longest Time Holding A Quad Stretch While Balancing On A Soccer Ball

Laurent Kelly

Laurent Kelly held a quad stretch for two minutes, 6.61 seconds while balancing a soccer ball.

01:02 England

Most Consecutive Soccer Ball Passes By Five People In One Minute

Matrix Soccer Academy

Charles and four of his friends passed a soccer ball among themselves 113 times in one minute.

01:10 Germany

Fastest Time To Bounce A Soccer Ball 100 Times With One Foot

Leon Riether

Leon R. bounced a soccer ball with his right foot 100 times in 30.73 seconds.

06:39 United States

Most Consecutive Juggles In Arena Mode Of "FIFA 17"

Jonny Wu

Jonny W. completed 1,200 juggles in Arena mode of FIFA 17.

00:27 Slovakia

Most Crossbar Hits From The 11-Meter Penalty Spot


Tomáš Lubelec hit the crossbar on a pair of goalposts five times from the 11-meter penalty spot.

01:10 Slovakia

Most Consecutive Soccer Ball Crossbar Hits


Tomáš Lubelec hit the crossbar on a pair of goalposts five consecutive times.

00:23 Slovakia

Fastest Time To Kick Five Soccer Balls Into A Goalpost Crossbar


Tomáš Lubelec kicked five soccer balls into a goalpost crossbar in 9.00 seconds.

01:30 England

Most Keepie Uppies Performed While Balancing On A Stump

Laurent Kelly

Laurent Kelly performed 203 keepie uppies while balancing on a stump.

00:32 England

Most Consecutive Keepie Uppie Knee Catches

Laurent Kelly

Laurent Kelly completed 10 consecutive keepie uppie knee catches.

01:06 England

Most Keepie Uppies Performed Using Head-To-Shoulder Pattern

Laurent Kelly

Laurent Kelly performed 76 keepie uppies using a head-to-shoulder pattern.

01:25 Canada

Most Soccer Ball Bounces On Another Soccer Ball

Jack Sayegh

Jack S. bounced a soccer ball 206 times on another soccer ball.

19:54 England

Longest Time To Keep Up A Soccer Ball With Knees

Laurent Kelly

Laurent Kelly kept up a soccer ball using his knees for 19 minutes, 45.00 seconds.

04:40 England

Most Maradona 7 Soccer Tricks Performed

Laurent Kelly

Laurent Kelly performed 57 Maradona 7 soccer tricks.

05:19 Slovakia

Longest Time Balancing An Apple On A Soccer Ball On Forehead While Standing

Peter Durdik

Peter Durdik balanced an apple on a soccer ball on his forehead for four minutes, 4.00 seconds while standing.

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