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01:52 India

Most Consecutive Two-Finger Push-Ups

shaikh rejaul

Shaikh R. performed 49 consecutive two-finger push-ups.

00:43 United States

Most Consecutive Ipsilateral One-Arm One-Leg Push-Ups

Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber performed 12 consecutive ipsilateral one-arm, one-leg push-ups.

02:33 Cyprus

Most Handstand Push-Ups With Bent Knees

Superbeefman Mike

Superbeefman Mike completed 36 consecutive handstand push-ups. He kept his knees bent for duration of attempt.

00:34 Malaysia

Most Consecutive 90-Degree Push-Ups On Fists

Alan Thong

Alan Thong performed four consecutive 90-degree push-ups on his fists.

02:17 India

Most Consecutive One-Thumb Clapping Push-Ups

shaikh rejaul

Shaikh R. performed 40 consecutive one-thumb clapping push-ups.

00:36 Egypt

Most Consecutive Full Extension Push-Ups On Fingers And Toes

Adel Khalil

Adel K. performed 50 full extension push-ups on his fingers and toes.

01:17 Armenia

Most Back-Of-Hand Clapping Push-Ups In One Minute

Narek Hakobyan

Narek H. performed 41 back-of-hand clapping push-ups in one minute.

01:43 France

Most Consecutive Back-Of-Hand Flying Superman Push-Ups

Guillaume Bourgeois

Guillaume B. performed 44 consecutive back-of-hand flying superman push-ups.

00:34 Egypt

Most Consecutive Four-Finger Push-Ups (Female)

Mariam Mahmoud

Mariam M. performed 28 consecutive four-finger push-ups.

01:17 Philippines

Most Consecutive Push-Ups While Balanced On Soda Bottles

Gerard Jessie

Gerard Jessie performed 10 push-ups on three soda bottles.

01:17 United States

Most Consecutive One-Armed One-Legged Push-Ups

Alicia Weber

Shaikh R. performed 47 consecutive one-armed one-legged push-ups.

00:49 Italy

Most Consecutive Ipsilateral One-Fist One-Leg Push-Ups

andrea pallini

Andrea P. performed six consecutive ipsilateral one-fist, one-leg push-ups.

03:00 United States

Most Strict One-Arm Chest-Touching-Ground Reptile Push-Ups In Three Minutes

Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber completed 34 strict one-arm chest-touching-ground reptile push-ups in three minutes.

03:28 United States

Fastest 100 Chest-Touching-Ground Reptile Push-Ups

Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber performed 100 chest-touching-ground reptile push-ups in three minutes, 14.23 seconds.

00:35 India

Most Thumb Push-Ups In 20 Seconds

shaikh rejaul

Shaikh R. completed 20 thumb push-ups in 20 seconds.

01:19 Georgia

Most Consecutive Push-Ups While Carrying A 60-Pound Weight On Back

Georgian Records Federation

Badri Jikurauli completed 57 push-ups while carrying a 60-pound weight on his back.

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