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Most Times Tossing A Pencil Between Two People

Peter Durdik

Peter and Pavol tossed a pencil back and forth to one another 317 times.

United States

Longest PlayStation Network Party Chat

Walrus 8D

Walrus 8D and his friends had a PlayStation network party chat that lasted 1,576 hours, 39 minutes, 56.00 seconds.

United States

Youngest Doctoral Student In Business Administration Program

Eli Joseph

Eli Joseph was accepted to and enrolled in the Doctoral of Business Administration Program at Felician University in New Jersey at the age of 22.

01:26 Canada

Most People Wearing Cardigans In A Public Library


29 patrons and staff at Strathmore Municipal Library wore cardigans at once.

02:00 United States

Most Tennis Racquets Strung By A Group In One Hour


Members of the International Alliance of Racquet Technicians strung 119 tennis racquets in one hour. The participants were grouped by teams represented by participating sponsors Alpha, Babolat, Gamma, Prince, Wilson & Yonex. Each group had its own team leader and judge pre-assigned for the attempt. They set the record at their annual symposium in Tampa, Florida.


Fastest Time For Two People To Bounce A Balloon Back And Forth To Each Other 100 Times

Peter Durdik

Peter and Pavol bounced a balloon back and forth to each other 100 times in 34.29 seconds.

04:13 United States

Longest Concert Featuring Multiple Artists

Julian Ruck

Julian Ruck organized a concert that lasted 16 days. The concert was held by local musicians and performers at The Down Lo Bar in Chico, California. Learn more about the feat here.

United States

Most Successful Basketball Shots Made In One Minute By Two People

chris ocariza

Chris and his brother made 48 successful basketball shots in one minute.

04:53 India

Longest National Flag Chain Made By A Group Of People Using Their Thumbprints

Indu International School

Staff members and students at Indu International School made flags of India using their thumbprints. The flags, when joined, measure a combined 200 meters in length.

02:52 United States

Most People Wearing Inflatable T-Rex Costumes While Trying Out Yellow Vehicles


John and two of his friends wore inflatable T-Rex costumes while trying out yellow vehicles.


Most Consecutive Eskimo Kisses

Pavol Durdik

Pavol and his partner eskimo kissed 898 times.

04:34 India

Largest Salt Mosaic Made By A Group Of People

Indu International School

Students and staff members at Indu International School made a salt mosaic that measures 900 square meters. They set the record to raise awareness about global warming.

United States

Most People Dancing To The "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" Song


403 people danced the Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) song at once. They set the record during the inaugural Mesquite Summer Sizzle event in Paschal Park, Texas.

United States

Most Successful Free Throw Shots Made By Two People In One Minute While Raining

Jake Adams

Jake and his friend made a combined total of 10 successful free throw shots in the rain in one minute.

54:21 Australia

Most Women Riding Motorcycles At Once

Debb Dagger

Debb D. led 1,002 women from 2WHEELBABES in riding motorcycles at once.

United States

Most People To Throw Dodgeballs At A Sports Mascot At Once

Marshall High School

93 people from Marshall High School in Marshall, Illinois threw dodgeballs at their school mascot at once. The record was sponsored by Hannig Construction, Inc.

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