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United States

Fastest Recitation Of All 50 US States While Lying Upside Down

Joe Bradley

Joe B. recited all 50 US States in 21.00 seconds while lying upside down.

United States

Most Harry Potter Characters Named In 45 seconds


Chatty Cat named 45 characters from the Harry Potter books in 45 seconds.

United States

Most Adele Songs Named In 30 Seconds

Kavan Hinchey

Kavan H. named 30 Adele songs in 30 seconds.

00:09 Egypt

Most Internet Famous Cats Named In 10 Seconds

Amr Amer

Amr A. named 15 internet famous cats in 10 seconds.

00:39 United States

Most Holidays Named In 20 Seconds

Shannon Makenna

Shannon M. named 43 holidays in 20 seconds.

00:09 England

Fastest Time For A Four-Year-Old To Name The Six Main Characters in "Frozen"

Aimee Cowlin

Chris' daughter named the six main characters in Frozen in 6.53 seconds. She is four years old.

00:23 United States

Most Christmas Songs Named In 10 Seconds On Christmas Day

Viktor Okuka

Viktor O. named 13 Christmas songs in 10 seconds on Christmas Day.


Most Car Brand Logos Named By A Three-Year-Old


Sushanth named 80 car brand logos. He is three years old.

06:30 United States

Most Cars Named By A 3-Year-Old


Frankie named 70 car models. He is only three years old.

United States

Fastest Time To Name All 50 US States While Juggling Three Tennis Ballls

Jacob Bacon

Jacob B. named all 50 US States in 19.25 seconds while juggling three tennis balls.

02:29 Nepal

Fastest Recitation Of All 50 U.S. States In Random Order

Nikesh Thapaliya

Nikesh Thapaliya named all 50 US States in 16.46 seconds, a world record.


Most London Underground Stations Named In 30 Seconds

Omari Antony

Omari A. named 73 London Underground Stations in 30 seconds.

00:56 Puerto Rico

Most YouTube Stars Named In 10 Seconds

Laura N.

Laura N. named 16 YouTube stars in 10 seconds.

00:48 England

Fastest Time To Name All 2014-2015 "Tottenham Hotspur" Squad Members

Harry Cowlin

Harry C. named all 2014-2015 Tottenham Hotspur squad members in 25.80 seconds.

00:56 United States

Fastest Time To Name All U.S. Presidents With Eyes Closed

Justin Landers

Justin L. named all 44 United States Presidents with his eyes closed in 8.48 seconds.

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