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00:18 United States

Fastest Recitation Of Act 1, Scene 1 From Macbeth By Three People

Samuel Taylor

Cody Storm, Samuel Taylor, and Jason Epp recited Act 1, Scene 1of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth in 10.08 seconds.

02:32 India

Fastest Recitation Of Hamlet's Soliloquy "To Be Or Not To Be"

Poorvie Choudhary

Poorvie Choudhary recited Hamlet's soliloquy "To Be or Not to Be" in 39.33 seconds.

01:07 United States

Fastest Time For Two People To Text The Words "O Romeo, Romeo, Wherefore Art Thou Romeo?" Back And Forth To One Another

Eliza Harris

Eliza and Emma sent and received seven text messages in 33.78 seconds quoting William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet with the speech “O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?”

00:54 United States

Fastest Time To Read Aloud Page 251 From Ulysses In A Prius

Prius Records

This record was set as part of Prius Records, a two-day event streamed live on the Internet. In a 48-hour period, URDB officials adjudicated 200 Prius-related world records. This was the most records ever documented in a 48-hour window, a world record in and of itself. The event took place in Los Angeles, California on March 30th and 31st, 2011. See all the records set at the event here.

United States

Fastest Time To Recite "To Be Or Not To Be" Soliloquy While Balancing On A Rola Bola On A Picnic Table And Juggling Knives

Chad Lunders

Chad Lunders recited Shakespeare’s "To be, or not to be" soliloquy from Hamlet in 41.21 seconds while balancing on a rola bola[] board on top of a picnic table and juggling knives. The record was set on October 3, 2009 at the Kansas City Juggling Festival[]. tag:RecordSetterBook01


Fastest Time To Recite "To Be Or Not To Be" Soliloquy While Shaking A Shake Weight

Thomas Anawalt

Thomas Anawalt recited Shakespeare’s "To be, or not to be" soliloquy from Hamletwhile shaking a Shake Weight in three minutes, 28.10 seconds. Anawaltset the record at a World Record Appreciation Society event held at Joe’s Pub in New York City. Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson were present as witnesses. [#WRAS18][]

00:24 United States

Fastest Time To Recite The 66 Books Of The Bible In Order

Bella Roberts

Bella R. recited the 66 books of The Bible in order in 16.18 seconds.

03:38 United States

Largest Children's Storybook


Nathan Dorrell created "The Story That Set The World On Fire," a children's storybook measuring six feet tall and 4.45 feet wide. The book is 2.25 inches thick and tells the story of Jesus' birth.

02:16 United States

Largest Group Reading A Poem At A Library At Once

CPH Library

A total of 173 people read a poem at a library at once. The record was part of the Summer Reading Program at CPH Library in Clifton Park, New York.

00:31 United States

Largest Writing Contest In Multiple Languages

Elite Circle

A total of 26,449 students participated in a writing contest in multiple languages. They set the record at ClinicPlus Gateway 2013 organized by ClinicPlus and Elite Circle at Codissia Trade Fair Complex in Tamil Nadu, India.

00:19 England

Longest Free-Verse Homophone Love Poem Published As A One-Poem Book

Theresa Chadenga

Theresa Chadenga wrote a 5,791-word free-verse homophone love poem that she published as a one-poem book.

01:43 Australia

Longest Love Poem Written To A Newt In Two Minutes

Jeremy Limn

Jeremy L. wrote a love poem to a newt consisting of 74 words in two minutes.

04:06 United States

Longest Poem About Lingerie Recited From Memory

Art Hoffman

Art Hoffman recited a poem about lingerie 550 words long. He recited the work from memory.

03:33 India

Longest Poem About Nature Written In Hinglish


Shripad Vaidya wrote a poem about nature in Hinglish. The poem is titled "Nature's Nature One Mirage One True" and consists of 3,751 words.

03:22 Australia

Longest Rhyming Fantasy Poem Written In Eight-Syllable Narrative Verse

Jonathan Goh

Jonathan G. wrote a 15,834-line rhyming fantasy poem in eight-syllable narrative verse. It is designed as a performance piece comprising three acts with 44 chapters. The poem is meant as a tribute to J. R. R. Tolkien's unfinished poem, The Lay of Leithian.

07:37 United States

Most Audiobooks Published By A Teenager

Aaron Ozee

Teenage author Aaron Ozee published nine audiobooks. Learn more about his works here.

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