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01:03 United States

Longest Time For A Cat To Lick Its Paw

Tram Nguyen

Tram's pet cat licked its paw for 52.87 seconds.

02:44 United States

Longest Time For A Dog To Bite And Lick Its Feet


Julia's dog bit and licked its own feet for two minutes, 41.57 seconds.

02:14 United States

Longest Time For A Dog To Lick One's Abdomen

Scott Skitch

Scott Skitch’s dog licked Scott’s abdomen for two minutes, 14.00 seconds.

25:42 United States

Longest Time For A Dog To Lick One's Face

Shane Prather

Shane’s dog, Malcolm, licked Shane's face for 25 minutes, 27.90 seconds.

06:45 United States

Longest Time For A Dog To Lick One's Leg

Dallas Roberts

Dallas' dog licked Dallas' leg for six minutes, 39.00 seconds.

00:12 Wales

Longest Time For A Rabbit To Lick One's Hand


Roxhanna's pet rabbit, Cinnamon, licked her hands for 10.88 seconds.

01:05:41 Germany

Longest Time Licking A Potato

Alterazioni Video

Alterazioni licked a potato for one hour, four minutes, 54.00 seconds.

02:22 United States

Longest Tongue

Nick Stoeberl

Nick Stoeberl's tongue measures four inches (10.13 centimeters) in length.

03:18 United States

Most Bananas Licked

Debra Emory

Debra E. licked 21 bananas consecutively.

01:07 Malta

Most Consecutive Apples Licked

Team Boat

A member of Team Boat licked 36 apples.

00:50 United States

Most Elbow Licks In 30 Seconds

Isaac Tex

Isaac T. licked his elbows 58 times in 30 seconds.

01:12 United States

Most Finger Licks In One Minute While Blindfolded

Jennifer Waitforit

Jennifer's friend licked his finger 140 times in one minute while blindfolded

01:07 Canada

Most Leaves Licked In One Minute

Matt FIcara

Matt FIcara licked 67 leaves in one minute.

00:56 United States

Most Licks Of A Windows Phone

Matt Ping

Matt P. licked a Windows phone 177 times.

00:19 United States

Most Licks Of One's Big Toe In 10 Seconds

World Records For Everyone!

Jireh A. licked his big toe 35 times in 10 seconds.

01:28 United States

Most Miniature Candy Canes Licked In 30 Seconds On One's 30th Birthday

Laurie Danielle

Laurie D. licked 35 miniature candy canes in 30 seconds on her 30th birthday.

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