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00:31 Australia

Most Push Kicks Done By A Baby In 30 Seconds

Archer Lee

Archer L. performed 22 push kicks in 30 seconds.

01:15 United States

Most Jump Kicks In One Minute


A member of STL ATA performed 52 jump kicks in one minute.

02:32 Ireland

Fastest Time To Kick Five Soccer Balls From Midfield Line Into Empty Net

Michael Keane

Michael K. kicked five stationary soccer balls from the midfield line into an empty net in 18.26 seconds.


Most Leg Kicks On Stilts While Singing "New York, New York"

Rob Lathan

Rob Lathan completed 81 leg kicks on stilts while singing "New York, New York[]." Lathan set the record at a World Record Appreciation Society event held at Joe’s Pub in New York City. Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson were present as witnesses. [#WRAS18][]

01:04 United States

Most Stuffed Animals Punted Over A Wall In One Minute

Andy Hanscom

Andy's brother, Jon, punted over 22 stuffed animals over a wall in one minute.

01:04 United States

Fastest Lead Leg Hook Kick Knockout

Shannon Ritch

Shannon Ritch performed a lead leg hook kick to his opponent and knocked him out at exactly 15.00 seconds. The fight was featured during Inside MMA on HDNet Fights.

02:54 United States

Most Kicks Of A Vacuum Cleaner In One Minute

Jason Ellis

Jason E. kicked a vacuum cleaner 235 times in one minute.

00:32 United States

Most Donkey Kicks In 20 Seconds

J.allen Smith

J.Allen performed 38 donkey kicks in 20 seconds.

01:02 Pakistan

Most Martial Arts Front Kicks In One Minute


Ahmad Amin Bodla performed 120 martial arts front kicks in one minute.

00:34 United States

Most Boards Broken Using Jump Front Kicks

Kevin Taylor

Kevin Taylor's martial arts student broke three boards with jump front kicks.

01:25 United States

Most Table Football Goals Scored In 30 Seconds

Mick Cullen

00:30 United States

Longest Football Punt Into A Door Frame

Stacey Driscoll

Record Setter punted a football into the door of a building from a distance of 42 feet, nine inches (513 inches) away.


Most Kicks In 30 Seconds While Riding A Scooter And Walking A Dog

Isabelle Bennett

Isabelle Bennett performed 41 kicks in 30 seconds while riding a scooter and walking a dog.

11:48 England

Tallest Mega Block Tower Knocked Over With One Kick

Joe Parker

Joe Parker knocked over a 85quot; tall Mega Block tower with a single kick.

00:27 United States

Most Donkey Kicks In 22 Seconds

iD Tech Camps Wesleyan University

A student camper from iD Tech Camps Wesleyan University performed 14 donkey kicks in 22 seconds.[ ][][#iDTech][][ ][ ] [ ]:

01:40 United States

Most Boards Broken By A Three-Year-Old In 45 Seconds

Luke Taylor

Luke Taylor broke eight wooden boards in 45 seconds using his hands and feet. He is three years old.

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